Ballooning F.A.Q's

Your Balloon adventure takes about 3 hours from start to finish. The inflation and preparations of the Balloon, take about 30 munites. To watch it is a quite interesting. The standard Balloon flights take between 45 munites and 60 munites and deluxe Balloon Flights takes between 75 munites and 90 munites. After the flight, there will be the celebration with champagne and certificate presentation takes about 30 minutes. At the end of the tour, you will be transferred to your hotel back, takes about 30 munites.

According to your hotel location, you will be informed about your pick up time before 30 munites to 1 hour before your flight. After picking you up from your hotel you will be transferred to launch area for pre-flight snacks and drinks.

We highly recommend you to book your Balloon Ride in Cappadocia in advance, especially if you want a certain flight date because of the popularity of balloon flights. There are limited availabilities, that’s why it can be fully booked up.

There are different size balloon’s basket, with a capacity of between 8 and 28 people. Prices vary depending on the capacity of the basket. You will take flight according to your choice of Balloon size.

Once you book your Balloon Tour, we will charge 30% deposit of the total price by our online system. The  balance will be paid in cash directly to the Balloon Operator at time of Balloon Flight. We accept Euro, US dollars, lira, pound sterling for cash payments. If you would like to pay the ballance by credit card there will be an extra handling fee of 10 Euros.

If the weather condition does not permit to fly, Balloon flights may be delayed until the following morning, therefore we highly recommend you to book your Balloon flight for your first available morning in Cappadocia. In this case, even the Balloon Ride is canceled because of weather condition, you will be able to join the following morning and you do not miss out on this experience. If your flight is delayed or canceled and you are not able to stay longer and have to leave the region on the following morning, all your Money that you paid will be refunded. If you want we can keep your Money and you can use your tickets for alternative dates and are valid for one year, subject to our cancellation policy. Also, you will be able to pass your ticket to your friend or others.

Pick ups and Drop offs are included from all hotels which are located in Avanos, Ortahisar, Goreme, Mustafapasa, Nevsehir, Uchisar and Urgup. Also, it is possible to provide pick ups from hotels in Kayseri and other locations outside of the above-mentioned area with extra transfer fees. Please contact us via [email protected] or +90 212 518 6821

Once you book Balloon Flight and inform us your hotel location, we will let you know the pick up time according to your hotel location. If you do not book your hotel yet and would like to book your flight, you can inform us your hotel minimum one day prior to your flight.
We will also, e-mail you or call your hotel for last confirmation of your pick-up time one day prior to your Balloon Flight.

The take-off point depends on day to day according to wind’s direction and speed. Thus give us an opportunity to visit the most valleys and peaks of Cappadocia.

Balloons can take-off and land anywhere between 4 and 20 km depending on the wind’s direction and speed on the day. That’s why you will travel from your hotel to launch area and return back to the hotel from landing area between 4 and 20 km.

Normally Balloon Flight can be anywhere up to 1,000 feet. It will fly up and down according to the wind. Most of Balloon adventurers love and enjoy low level to see spectacular rock formations and fairy chimneys.

We usually take off with the sunrise, the perfect time of the day to get some great photos and video’s of the valley’s and the lunar landscape, and of course other balloons in the air. Sometimes, we may have to wait until the sun rises, due to weather conditions.

Well-experienced Balloon Pilots try to land gently as much as possible. When the Balloon basket touches the ground it usually slides a few feet and stops. But, sometimes, balloon basket may bounce because of the strong winds.

Generally, it is impossible to land the same point where we launched because of the winds. Most flights travel the same direction according to winds and then land in a large open area that is easily accessible for our ground crew. Because you will be picked up from the landing area to be transferred to your hotel back.

Our Balloons will land any easily accessible large area including fields, parks, school grounds or alongside roads.

The balloon will be followed by your vehicle, ground crew, and chase vehicle. Our ground crew will be in contact with your Balloon Pilot to be ready at landing point at the same time as your balloon. Once we land, we will enjoy a champagne toast while the balloon is deflated and packed away. After landing celebration, you will be transferred back to your hotel for any additional tours you may have booked for that day.

We highly recommend wearing comfortable shoes as you will be standing in the balloon for at least an hour. Also, the temperature in the balloon is considerably cooler than on the ground. That’s why you should wear long trousers and tops with long sleeves or a jacket.

Do not forget to bring your video camera, camera or phone to take picture or video of Cappadocia. Balloon Ride is the best point to capture the best views of the Cappadocian region.

The hot air gives it a better “lift” that’s why balloons fly always better in cooler weather. Balloon adventurers usually fly just after down to watch the sunrise when there is less wind.

Of course, we fly all year around. However, there is a greater possibility of cancellations due to bad weather conditions from October to March.

Ballooning always relies on good weather. We never fly in wind consistently above 11kmph, 7mph, rain, snow or fog. We also never fly if there is a threat of thunderstorms in the area. There are some other conditions that can affect the Balloon Ride. Balloon Pilots consider these factors to ensure flight safety. If we cancel the scheduled flight, we will re-schedule and the re-scheduled flight is not suitable for your, we will refund all your money back that you paid.

It is not recommended Balloon Flight for pregnant or think that you might be pregnant due to the possibility of a bumpy landing. If you have friends or family going to take a flight, we are glad to take you to the launch site to see balloon preparations and take-off then to meet them at the landing site.

Only experienced pilots who are licensed by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) and have passed all the regular flight checks are allowed to conduct flights.

Balloon Flights are controlled by The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) with the same strict regulations that apply to airplanes.

Balloon Pilot Certificates are issued by The Federal Aviation Administration to candidates who must pass a FAA written examination. Pilots must obtain a prescribed number of hours in a balloon, pass a flight test, make a solo flight to altitude,  and submit a medical statement. Balloons are registered like all other aircraft and are subject to regular air safety checks. The Federal Aviation Administration will not allow a balloon to be certified as airworthy unless these inspections and checks are conducted by authorized and certified maintenance personnel.

Children aged 0-5 are not allowed to fly. Our pilots will only fly with children who are old enough to understand a pre-flight briefing and tall enough to see over the side of the basket for maximum safety and enjoyment. Parents or guardians should be mindful of flight duration with small children who can get bored and restless standing in the balloon for an hour.