Cappadocia is a unique extraordinary geography in the world. It became famous with fairy chimneys. The first question on the mind of anyone who dreams of the visit to such a beautiful place in this beautiful country is, “What are the activities in Cappadocia?” Cappadocia is a center of activity with Cappadocia balloon tours, ATV tours, valley hiking and more besides the places to visit. I would like to say that before you visit: Cappadocia is not a place to visit in 2-3 days. There are dozens of activities in Cappadocia and there are so many hidden places. Why am I saying that? I went 8 times; I still can discover new places, because there are a lot of places that I could not see before.

Do not come back without making activities such as Cappadocia Balloon tours, ATV tours, Pottery making, Underground Cities exploration and Valley Hiking.

Horseback Riding Tours in Cappadocia

There are tons of activities in Cappadocia! Horseback Riding Tours is one of the most exciting activities that you will discover valleys. It usually takes about 1 hour. Prices are around 80-100 TL for an hour tour.

But the Moonlight horse farm in Goreme, where we went, traveled us for 75 TL for 1-hour tour. I asked them. If the guests say that they come via “”, they will show you around for 75 TL. Normally I know it’s 100 TL. Greetings Rahmi Bey. What a nice man…

Cappadocia Horse RidingCappadocia Balloon Tour

I would like to tell you before, it is expensive.  In general, Cappadocia balloon prices are around 250-500 TL. Tours are organized before or during the sunrise or sunset. You should make a reservation at least 1 day before the balloon tour. Depending on the weather conditions, balloon tours can be organized or sometimes cancelled.

If you need any information about the hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia, you can visit ToursCE.

comfort cappadocia hot air balloon ride
comfort Cappadocia hot air balloon ride

Atv Tours in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is known as the valleys in heaven. The best thing to discover this beautiful place is the ATV tour.

The average hourly rental fee for Atv tours is between 50 and 70 TL in Cappadocia. Whether you’re a single or with someone, you can use comfortably these 4-wheel vehicles. While you are touring with ATV, a guide accompanies to you. Do not worry. It’s easy to use. The landscapes you will see are just as beautiful as the below.

Cappadocia ATV Tours
Cappadocia ATV Tours

Pottery Making in Cappadocia

The fatty clay soil of Kızılırmak, which is located in the region, was not only for walking but also used in making great works of art in the region through the hand wheels used at the same time. Cups, plates, bowls, ashtrays, and more are worked by the most valuable and competent masters of the region.

If you wish you can experience this different works of art. Especially, the Güray Museum in Avanos must be seen. Not only from the clay, but also from the stones, such as ceramics, are used for artworks. Particularly, art lovers should definitely see this place.

Wine Experience in Cappadocia

The region is a grape paradise. So, wine production is also inevitable. Delicious white, red and more wines will be available to order. Bottle prices generally change from 20-40 TL. My favorite is the red wines.

In almost everywhere in Cappadocia, you will see facilities where you can taste wine. I recommend Turasan in Ürgüp and Kocabağ in Uchisar houses.

Valleys Tours in Cappadocia

As you know, the place is a valley paradise. The colorful earth was shaped in time, colored and shaped like a mythical pattern. When you walk through the roads, I’m sure you will stop and take photographs in every corner rather than walk.

Before you go hiking, do not forget to take snacks and plenty of water. The most beautiful valleys you will visit are; Love valley, Pigeon Valley, and Red Valley.

And also the most amazing itinerary for Cappadocia ->

Underground Cities and Region Tour in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is also waiting to be discovered with its underground cities as well as above. The most important places of these are Kaymakli and Derinkuyu. These two underground cities have been remaining for hundreds of years. Even nowadays, it still continues to fascinate visitors. If you have the time, I would like to mention that you must to see these two underground cities.

Drinkuyu Underground CityZelve Mapping Show

Make sure to make a note of it in gold letters. At Zelve Ruins in Cappadocia, they are organizing shows with the lights in the evening and also called Zelve Mapping Show.

The lights are projected onto the fairy chimneys. You are visually observing how the Cappadocia region was formed, and what all the stages of the fairy chimneys are, you can see over the fairy chimneys.

I strongly recommend you to experience this in Cappadocia. I think this is one of the best events to do in Cappadocia in the evenings. Entrance is 100 TL. For more information, please check TripAdvisor.

BONUS: Marriage Proposal in Balloon

Cappadocia is one of the regions that have recently been a pioneer in romanticism. In this respect, even marriage proposal is being made at the balloon. “Why do you say that now, Deniz?” you can ask me. But when I heard it, I thought it might be different. Maybe I should give a spark to friends who need help with the marriage plan.



One of the values left in the corner of a priceless geography such as Cappadocia is the Tavsanli Church. You may need a guide to see this church near Ibrahimpasa Village, 3 kilometers from the town of Urgup in Nevsehir. Because even if there’s a route marked on your map, the church is hidden in a way that won’t appear. And his name is the analogy of an animal depicted in a fraction of the rabbit.

When heading towards the Tavsanli Church, the village road will see caves carved from the rock inhabited by monks, facing living spaces, and taking pictures in this panoramic area.

cappadociaThe inscription on the history of the Tavsanli Church is 10. Century, Byzantine period, and during this period Emperor VII. Constantine’s time. The architecture of the church was made as a basilica planned and single-stage. The Sahan sits on the narrow cornice and is covered with a crib tonosis. The walls of the church were made quite long; The northern walls were measured in 5.20 cm, the west wall was 3.65 cm and the east wall was 4.20 cm. You can see this church with our Cappadocia tours. In the southern and northern walls, approximately 100 cm wide and 25 cm deep, the triangle is aligned with the three niches. The church’s apse is a horseshoe-shaped 2×2-meter wide and deep-planned. The walls were made of half a circle and rectangular niches with a height of 60 cm from the ground. These niches, which are not observed in other churches, are believed to be used during religious ceremonies.

Cappadocia Day Tour From IstanbulWhat makes the church special is the freaks inside. Unfortunately, these coloring pages remain in the bottom of the walls and the remains of the wall. The painting in half of the apse dome shows that the church is adorned with two kinds of decorations. Geometric patterns were made with red stem paint on the stone, which is the vault surface of the apsicin. 2-Days Cappadocia tour from Istanbul is the best option for travelers who want to visit Cappadocia. This painted stone is the oldest layer of the surface and therefore is believed to have been used since the first period of the church. The upper layer is adorned with painted depictions on plaster. The interior of the tonosis is painted iconographic with abundant tassas telling long stories, separated into rectangular borders. These depictions consist of saints ‘ paintings, religious scenes, and crosses, usually seen in all Cappadocia churches.

We strongly recommend that you see the Church of Tavanli as it is the mystical atmosphere of the region and each of them has a distinct legend.

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We wanted to reach Nevsehir by alternative route after we left High Church. As we were thinking the options we have we saw Narligol on the map. Even we planned the locations we are going to go we still searched Narli lake on Wikipedia. As a result of this searching, we were there early morning. After we saw Narligol hotels options. If we did not plan we would definitely choose one of these hotels.

Information about Narli Lake

Narligol is a famous for crater lake, it has no many visitors. Narligol has hot springs. When looking from outside Narligol seems like that its purpose to serve people by its new road and opened to tourism. I can say that it is too hard to comment because we do not have too much information. At the same time, it can be hard to choose hotels in Narligol.

–> Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon <–

Cappadocia Narligol


It is very hard to answer this question without searching. But when we look at generally  Narligol is located between Nevsehir-Aksaray. You encounter Nevsehir provincial border signboard if you go toward Derinkuyu direction after you left Aksaray. Then we can say that Narligol is in Aksaray border.

–> Highlights of Cappadocia Tour <–


How many kilometers between Aksaray-Narligol: As you go from Gulagac to Derinkuyu direction you have to turn right 10 km later.

If you come from Nevsehir direction we can say it is 20-25 km far away from Derinkuyu city center. Generally, we can say that Narligol is a small thermal spring. There are several thermal hotels around.

In the near future, new hotels can be opened depending on the touristic activities.

At the same time, Narligol is a recreation area. Families prefer this location to have a picnic. By its hot foamy water and nice view, it is the location to be visited.

If churches in the rocky villages are examined it is seen that each one of them has a different way of development. Some of them were built earlier than others. Ruins are extending from the early ages up to the Byzantine Period. Some were built after the Arab invasion and Iconoclastic period. There are even some churches built under the Seljukian occupation.

Göreme is the place with highest con­centration of religious centres. Unlike Avcı­lar, it wass a religious more than an agri­cultural settlement. During the early Christ­ian age it was a modest place connected with Avcılar and Çavuşin.

Amongst the innumerable churches and chapels in Göreme, only one of them can be dated as 6th or 7th century. It is an ora­tory split into two after a rock-fall. A paint­ing of the face of Christ and an ornamented cross in the arch is visible.

Göreme began to develop just after the Iconoclastic period. There are numerous churches and chapels dating from the second half of the 9th and first half of the 10th century. Kılıçlar church is the largest of them. Its paintings are of high quality, decorated with best ornaments of the Byzan­tine age. The “Three Columned Churches of Göreme” (Elmalı, Karanlık and Çarıklı) are also decorated with frescoes. There is ano­ther group of chapels with a single aisle, built on a cross plan, dating from the 11th century. Inside these, simple straight lines and strange figures resembling the holy people are used instead of well-painted frescoes.

The churches in Göreme and the neigh­bouring valleys El Nazar and Kılıçlar are so large in variety and number that it takes at least a couple of days to see all of them competely.

We should here note that 10th century churches are on the right-hand side of the valley and 11th century churches are on the south end. There is no painting in Gö­reme that can be dated later than 11th century. Göreme was used as a religious visiting place by the Greeks living nearby. Later on it was opened to visitors as the Open-air Museum of Göreme.


We can use the term “11th century Cap­padocian Art” interchangeably with Byzan­tine art. 25% of the existing churches have paintings of this style. Monasticism was spreading fast in the 11th century. Some of the paintings were made by master pain­ters according to the wishes of some rich officials of the Empire. There are a lot of differences between the work of this age and the previous one. The architecture was mostly on a cross plan and decorative style had changed considerably. By joining our Cappadocia Tours, you can see the most important arts in Cappadocia.

Some churches like Direkli Kilise in Belisirma (976-1025) are decorated only with the figures of the Holy People. In this church, the walls, columns, and lapses are full of such paintings. In the entrance St. Anne, Mary and Infant Jesus are seen together. On one of the apse arches, Jesus is repre­sented as the Pontacrator. In the three well preserved “Columned Churches of Göreme” (Elmalı, Karanlık, Çarıklı) Christ is always seen at the central dome with Seraphim and other archangels. In some of the domes, Christ is represented with a short beard or even sometimes without any beard, as the son of a virgin. The frescoes of “Christ the Judge” is one cf the main characteristics of the 11th century. Contrary to these, in any Byzantine church outside of Cappadocia, the Holy Virgin and Christ are always painted on the central dome. 11th-century frescoes seem to be less natural than the Archaic Period paintings. In Göreme there are a series of single-aisle chapels and small-domed, cross plan churches with very primitive decorations and carelessly painted figures of Mary, St. Basil, and the Three Mounted Saints. (St. George, St. Theodore, St. Demetrius.) Most of these crude paintings are directly on the rock. In these churches, architectural details are taken care of and the walls are painted in a manner that gives a feeling that the church is made of bricks. Crosses are pa­inted on several places implying that the church is consecrated. This also indicates the symbolic importance of the cross.

In the year 381, Caesarea was discon­nected from the Patriarchate of Antioch and entered the authority of the Patriarchate of Constantinople. In this way, the city was un­der the direct influence of the Greek capital. Officially it remained faithful to Orthodoxy and was not effected by the Nestorian, Monophysite, and Paulist doctrines.

In some of the isolated monasteries, old ways of religious thinking and ideas did not perish. The Iconoclastic claim busied their minds for more than a century (726-843). During the first quarter of the 8th century, worshipping of the images went as far as idolatry. At the same time, the Christians were under the influence of Jews and Mos­lems who opposed worshipping figures and images. According to the sacred rules and laws, Christ could not be represented in such a strange and disrespectful way. In the 7th century, the Byzantine community was separated into two groups as monks and laymen. The struggle against the icons
continued with the persecution of the monks, closing of the monasteries, and the revoking of religious privileges.

The Iconoclastic period was broken bet ween 787 and 815, during the reign of Em­press Irene. But Constantin the 5th accele­rated the Iconoclastic movement by calling the Iconoclastic Council to unite. Everything other than the cross was prohibited. It was declared that those who made and posses­sed figures would be punished severely.

With our Cappadocia hot air balloon tours, you will have a chance to see the miracle of nature. We strongly suggest you to join our hot air balloon flights.

In 843 Empress Theodora brought an and to the Iconoclastic period. Destroyed churches were repaired and new churches were built. The walls were painted with mosaics, decorations, frescoes. The mon­astic life made a fresh start. After enough security was established on the eastern bor­der (under an effective religious administrat­ion) Cappadocia ‘ was under the complete authority of the Empire. Even after the Turk­ish occupation, the influence of the Patriarch of Constantinople continued over the Cap­padocian churches. The bishops remained in their districts, but after the 14th century they were reduced in number and population.


Touching base in Uchisar

I effectively found the inn since it is halfway found and in the wake of checking in, I glanced around. The inn has sixteen rooms based around a patio, which ignores onto Pigeon valley and on a sunny morning, Mount Erciyes can be found out there.

My room was close gathering and me in a split second surrendered to the WOW consider. The passageway took me into the seating zone, which I would call a front room. From that point, the hallway drove past a stroll in the closet to achieve the room.

A different entryway then went facilitate into the give in to uncover the restroom and another different interfacing room with the shower. The extensive size flabbergasted me as I have seen one-room flats sold in Turkey, which are littler than this in a suite.

It is the littler points of interest that check

A full data booklet lay beside the bed. It acquainted me with the in offices and gave points of interest and tips about Uchisar and the Cappadocia district.

The tea and espresso creator was extraordinarily refreshing and my presumption that the espresso sachets would not be supplanted wasn’t right as the following day, they were.

Shoes, books to peruse, smaller than the usual bar, warmed towels, satellite TV, and a chimney was other little lives that made the stay agreeable. I likewise cherished the toiletries that were not your substandard mass requested pool that shows up in substantial comprehensive lodgings.

I couldn’t discover blame with the expansive broad smorgasbord for breakfast either so the following stride was to check the client benefit.

Inn visitors can make utilization of bicycle contract, arrange stuffed snacks, book outings, and journeys, yet it was the neighborhood information of Uchisar that I was keen on and the director did not disillusion. He addressed every one of my inquiries and volunteered additional data on top of that.

So with this lodging, I needed to concede overcome. The expert disposition and a decent plan of action made it elusive any flaws amid my remain. On the off chance that you are remaining in the Taskonaklar in, my tips are to lift room 102 and wake up at a young hour in the morning to watch the hot air inflatables of Cappadocia. Aside from that, the lodging has dealt with everything else.

On the off chance that you need to see a greater amount of this flawless surrender lodging in Cappadocia, take a gander at these magnificent virtual voyages through the rooms, entryway, garden, and eatery.

A Cave Hotel in Cappadocia

My lenient spouse says I am each hotelier’s most exceedingly awful bad dream. I am not a frequent malcontent but rather am condemning of everything from the stylistic theme to the cleaning to the staff state of mind. When I enter a lodging, I begin considering,

“What might I do if this were my business?”

I don’t know why I do it. Perhaps it is on account of I have worked in a Turkish inn before and seen what goes ahead off camera. Possibly it is on account of I get a kick out of composing audits on Trip Advisor and consider the duty excessively important.

As a youngster, my fantasy employments were a secret customer and eatery faultfinder so maybe intuitively; I am showcasing the fantasy as those great occupations neglected to appear for me.

The Cave Hotel in Cappadocia: Taskonaklar in Uchisar

So when I knew I would remain at the Taskonaklar give in lodging, I energetically anticipated putting it through my basic assessment. Portrayed as a five-star boutique lodging, it is in the little and pleasant resort of Uchisar in Cappadocia.

The inn is built around hollows and they are energetic about protecting the characteristic scene of the district.


“Taskonaklar was inherent regard with this nature and history. Each stone, each curve, each old smokestack was protected while Taskonaklar was enlivened. That is the reason not one room is like another and every room has its own character, where straightforwardness is mixed with solace”

So I was inspired that they are safeguarding the normal scene yet considerably additionally amazing is that the Taskonaklar give in an inn is the primary Turkish inn I have remained in that practices eco-tourism.

I have specified Eco motivations to different hoteliers and the response has been a long way from inviting. Unless its profits, they are reluctant to embrace any plan without their arms wound in the face of their good faith.


A Panoramic View of Goreme

Close to Goreme in Cappadocia, there is a zone called Panoramic View. In the event that you are around there, then certainly try to go. It gives you sees over the entire of Goreme and if travel photography is your thing, you can ensure that you will wind up with some honor winning pictures.

There are many seats like the one in the photo, where you can sit and let the world cruise you by. There are likewise a couple of eateries serving conventional Turkish food like Gozleme.

On the off chance that you book one of the day visits with the many travel organizations in Goreme, then it is likely that they will stop at Goreme all-encompassing perspective. If not it is a five-moment stroll from Goreme focus, and is en route to Uchisar.

You can see more pictures from Cappadocia here…

Return to Esentepe Panoramic Viewpoint

As I would see it, the Panoramic Viewpoint of Esentepe, Goreme is a tasteless, touristic bug catching network. Tourism organizations consistently visit it while taking clients on trips around Cappadocia. It is showcased as a can stop; put for refreshments and obviously, a magnificent scene see.

Situated between the residential areas of Uchisar and Goreme, what the aides neglect to say is the dozen or so shabby traveler shops that all offer similar gifts yet simply advertise them an alternate way.

To be reasonable, the vast majority of the dealers are delicate in their business approach and I have encountered harder deals pattern in different spots of Turkey.

When they had set up I was not in the market for purchasing anything, the discussion swung to general subjects about Cappadocia, Turkey, and the view.

Coming back to Panoramic Viewpoint

It was my third time to Panoramic Viewpoint and the variety of trinkets available to be purchased dependably puzzles me. I call it immaculate garbage, something that would wind up in a container never to see the light of day again. Individuals must purchase the garbage however as these shops have been around for a long time.

Disregarding the little, curious town of Goreme and Pigeon Valley, Esentepe Viewpoint is one of my most loved places in Cappadocia in spite of the crude touristic poop they advance.

Little lights and hostile stares hang off the uncovered leaf trees, refreshments shops promptly serve up shabby sustenance and drink and once the vast mentors have hauled out, the minute turns out to be very dreamlike and serene.

On a sunny morning, you can even observe Mount Erciyes out yonder. I could stay there throughout the day and never become worn out on the view.