Tavsanli Church – Urgup/Cappadocia

Cappadocia Tour from Nevsehir Airport Without Hotel

One of the values left in the corner of a priceless geography such as Cappadocia is the Tavsanli Church. You may need a guide to see this church near Ibrahimpasa Village, 3 kilometers from the town of Urgup in Nevsehir. Because even if there’s a route marked on your map, the church is hidden in a way that won’t appear. And his name is the analogy of an animal depicted in a fraction of the rabbit.

When heading towards the Tavsanli Church, the village road will see caves carved from the rock inhabited by monks, facing living spaces, and taking pictures in this panoramic area.

cappadociaThe inscription on the history of the Tavsanli Church is 10. Century, Byzantine period, and during this period Emperor VII. Constantine’s time. The architecture of the church was made as a basilica planned and single-stage. The Sahan sits on the narrow cornice and is covered with a crib tonosis. The walls of the church were made quite long; The northern walls were measured in 5.20 cm, the west wall was 3.65 cm and the east wall was 4.20 cm. You can see this church with our Cappadocia tours. In the southern and northern walls, approximately 100 cm wide and 25 cm deep, the triangle is aligned with the three niches. The church’s apse is a horseshoe-shaped 2×2-meter wide and deep-planned. The walls were made of half a circle and rectangular niches with a height of 60 cm from the ground. These niches, which are not observed in other churches, are believed to be used during religious ceremonies.

Cappadocia Day Tour From IstanbulWhat makes the church special is the freaks inside. Unfortunately, these coloring pages remain in the bottom of the walls and the remains of the wall. The painting in half of the apse dome shows that the church is adorned with two kinds of decorations. Geometric patterns were made with red stem paint on the stone, which is the vault surface of the apsicin. 2-Days Cappadocia tour from Istanbul is the best option for travelers who want to visit Cappadocia. This painted stone is the oldest layer of the surface and therefore is believed to have been used since the first period of the church. The upper layer is adorned with painted depictions on plaster. The interior of the tonosis is painted iconographic with abundant tassas telling long stories, separated into rectangular borders. These depictions consist of saints ‘ paintings, religious scenes, and crosses, usually seen in all Cappadocia churches.

We strongly recommend that you see the Church of Tavanli as it is the mystical atmosphere of the region and each of them has a distinct legend.

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