How to go to Narligol in Cappadocia? / From A Diary

We wanted to reach Nevsehir by alternative route after we left High Church. As we were thinking the options we have we saw Narligol on the map. Even we planned the locations we are going to go we still searched Narli lake on Wikipedia. As a result of this searching, we were there early morning. After we saw Narligol hotels options. If we did not plan we would definitely choose one of these hotels.

Information about Narli Lake

Narligol is a famous for crater lake, it has no many visitors. Narligol has hot springs. When looking from outside Narligol seems like that its purpose to serve people by its new road and opened to tourism. I can say that it is too hard to comment because we do not have too much information. At the same time, it can be hard to choose hotels in Narligol.

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Cappadocia Narligol


It is very hard to answer this question without searching. But when we look at generally  Narligol is located between Nevsehir-Aksaray. You encounter Nevsehir provincial border signboard if you go toward Derinkuyu direction after you left Aksaray. Then we can say that Narligol is in Aksaray border.

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How many kilometers between Aksaray-Narligol: As you go from Gulagac to Derinkuyu direction you have to turn right 10 km later.

If you come from Nevsehir direction we can say it is 20-25 km far away from Derinkuyu city center. Generally, we can say that Narligol is a small thermal spring. There are several thermal hotels around.

In the near future, new hotels can be opened depending on the touristic activities.

At the same time, Narligol is a recreation area. Families prefer this location to have a picnic. By its hot foamy water and nice view, it is the location to be visited.

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