The Best Activities to do in Cappadocia 2019


Cappadocia is a unique extraordinary geography in the world. It became famous with fairy chimneys. The first question on the mind of anyone who dreams of the visit to such a beautiful place in this beautiful country is, “What are the activities in Cappadocia?” Cappadocia is a center of activity with Cappadocia balloon tours, ATV tours, valley hiking and more besides the places to visit. I would like to say that before you visit: Cappadocia is not a place to visit in 2-3 days. There are dozens of activities in Cappadocia and there are so many hidden places. Why am I saying that? I went 8 times; I still can discover new places, because there are a lot of places that I could not see before.

Do not come back without making activities such as Cappadocia Balloon tours, ATV tours, Pottery making, Underground Cities exploration and Valley Hiking.

Horseback Riding Tours in Cappadocia

There are tons of activities in Cappadocia! Horseback Riding Tours is one of the most exciting activities that you will discover valleys. It usually takes about 1 hour. Prices are around 80-100 TL for an hour tour.

But the Moonlight horse farm in Goreme, where we went, traveled us for 75 TL for 1-hour tour. I asked them. If the guests say that they come via “”, they will show you around for 75 TL. Normally I know it’s 100 TL. Greetings Rahmi Bey. What a nice man…

Cappadocia Horse RidingCappadocia Balloon Tour

I would like to tell you before, it is expensive.  In general, Cappadocia balloon prices are around 250-500 TL. Tours are organized before or during the sunrise or sunset. You should make a reservation at least 1 day before the balloon tour. Depending on the weather conditions, balloon tours can be organized or sometimes cancelled.

If you need any information about the hot air balloon tours in Cappadocia, you can visit ToursCE.

comfort cappadocia hot air balloon ride
comfort Cappadocia hot air balloon ride

Atv Tours in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is known as the valleys in heaven. The best thing to discover this beautiful place is the ATV tour.

The average hourly rental fee for Atv tours is between 50 and 70 TL in Cappadocia. Whether you’re a single or with someone, you can use comfortably these 4-wheel vehicles. While you are touring with ATV, a guide accompanies to you. Do not worry. It’s easy to use. The landscapes you will see are just as beautiful as the below.

Cappadocia ATV Tours
Cappadocia ATV Tours

Pottery Making in Cappadocia

The fatty clay soil of Kızılırmak, which is located in the region, was not only for walking but also used in making great works of art in the region through the hand wheels used at the same time. Cups, plates, bowls, ashtrays, and more are worked by the most valuable and competent masters of the region.

If you wish you can experience this different works of art. Especially, the Güray Museum in Avanos must be seen. Not only from the clay, but also from the stones, such as ceramics, are used for artworks. Particularly, art lovers should definitely see this place.

Wine Experience in Cappadocia

The region is a grape paradise. So, wine production is also inevitable. Delicious white, red and more wines will be available to order. Bottle prices generally change from 20-40 TL. My favorite is the red wines.

In almost everywhere in Cappadocia, you will see facilities where you can taste wine. I recommend Turasan in Ürgüp and Kocabağ in Uchisar houses.

Valleys Tours in Cappadocia

As you know, the place is a valley paradise. The colorful earth was shaped in time, colored and shaped like a mythical pattern. When you walk through the roads, I’m sure you will stop and take photographs in every corner rather than walk.

Before you go hiking, do not forget to take snacks and plenty of water. The most beautiful valleys you will visit are; Love valley, Pigeon Valley, and Red Valley.

And also the most amazing itinerary for Cappadocia ->

Underground Cities and Region Tour in Cappadocia

Cappadocia is also waiting to be discovered with its underground cities as well as above. The most important places of these are Kaymakli and Derinkuyu. These two underground cities have been remaining for hundreds of years. Even nowadays, it still continues to fascinate visitors. If you have the time, I would like to mention that you must to see these two underground cities.

Drinkuyu Underground CityZelve Mapping Show

Make sure to make a note of it in gold letters. At Zelve Ruins in Cappadocia, they are organizing shows with the lights in the evening and also called Zelve Mapping Show.

The lights are projected onto the fairy chimneys. You are visually observing how the Cappadocia region was formed, and what all the stages of the fairy chimneys are, you can see over the fairy chimneys.

I strongly recommend you to experience this in Cappadocia. I think this is one of the best events to do in Cappadocia in the evenings. Entrance is 100 TL. For more information, please check TripAdvisor.

BONUS: Marriage Proposal in Balloon

Cappadocia is one of the regions that have recently been a pioneer in romanticism. In this respect, even marriage proposal is being made at the balloon. “Why do you say that now, Deniz?” you can ask me. But when I heard it, I thought it might be different. Maybe I should give a spark to friends who need help with the marriage plan.



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