About the Saruhan Caravanserai of Cappadocia


Otherwise called Sarihan, it was the last Caravanserai to be inherent the zone, in 1259. The main overwhelming element, as I remained outside of the building, was the two shades of the stone. This is effectively clarified in light of the fact that while the base half is the first building, the top is recreation.


Alluding to the reason for the structure, their site says…


“Likewise rendered as caravanserai and caravansary, it is a Westernization of the Persian word which consolidates procession with spray importance abiding, castle, or encased courts. Troop itself has come to have a comparative significance in English, where it alludes to a gathering or guard of officers, brokers, explorers, or different voyagers occupied with long-remove travel.”


From the enormous, gated entrance, I went into the extensive inside patio however sadly, an absence of signage inside the Caravanserai makes it difficult to figure out which room was utilized for what reason. On the left was a domed seating region, while on the privilege, were little entryways into much littler rooms!


We realize that the chamber over the intricate passage was a masjid (an option put for Muslims to supplicate, other than a mosque,) which makes this Caravanserai one of a kind since, in many others, the petition region was amidst the yard.


At the inverse side of the passage, is in like manner an intricate entryway driving into a dim corridor, with a curve arch roof where the spinning dervish Sema custom is performed. At evening when lit up for the custom, it is most likely clearer, and the engineering style would be more obvious.


Visiting Saruhan and Caravansarais of Cappadocia


It takes no longer than 30 minutes to investigate the Sarihan Caravanserai that sits on the edges of Avanos, be that as it may on the off chance that you need to investigate the idea considerably further, the Sultanhani and A?zikarahan are thought to be the best saved.


In a perfect world, you require an auto to contact them since they are a significant separation from town focuses or on the other hand, address Kadir and Erkan at Turkey Tour coordinator about their private day visits and tickets for the night time spinning dervish appears at Sarihan Caravanserai.