Following the Ghost Rider in Zelve Valley

The outdoors exhibition hall of Zelve recounts much an indistinguishable story from different places in Cappadocia. Beforehand a cloister withdraws from the ninth to the thirteenth hundreds of years, in later years, Turks and Greeks lived next to each other in the holes, cut out of the delicate volcanic shake.


It was a completely working group until the finish of the Turkish War of Independence in 1923 that brought about the Treaty of Lausanne obliging Greeks to return back to their country and bad habit versus.


At that point in the 1950s, falling rocks were a security peril so neighborhood Turks forsook the old town to move to current lodging close-by.


Nowadays, Zelve Valley and its old give in homes are coordinated into the tourism advertise as an outside historical center, yet they are not as well known as the UNESCO world legacy site of Goreme, likewise in Cappadocia.


The in addition to the side of this is I dodged the lines and swarms of visitors taking selfies in each corner.


Going to Zelve Open Air Museum


I touched base at the passage in the early evening and subsequent to halting for a Gozleme nibble at a refreshment slow down outside, entered Zelve Valley for what I expected would be a delicate walk. On that day, in any case, my arranging attitudes had skipped town. I idiotically didn’t bring any water, had woke ahead of schedule for a hot air swell excursion at 3 am(that I never did,) and had visited numerous touristic locales since 9 am.


So when I achieved the third valley, my body was shouting at me to stop. The sun was hunkering down on me and considering I call myself an accomplished explorer, I laughed at my lack of common sense attitudes. However, I could at present grin in light of the fact that for one minute, as I remained in an old give in the chapel, my sentiments recreated the mystical air of the legendary and old Christian organization depicted in the film Ghost Rider 2.


Nicholas Cage, Ghost Rider 2 and Zelve Valley