Every one of the three valleys is complicatedly connected by means of an official strolling way that prompted to the given in houses of worship and homes. Likewise with any rehash guest to Cappadocia, once you have seen 30 surrender chapels, the similitude neglects to inspire as it did the first run through.


I got excessively energized at detecting an old wheat granulating plant that was still utilized until the town was emptied yet at all circumstances, in the back of my mind I contrasted each surrender with scenes that I recollected from watching Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance.


In 2011, Zelve Valley shut to the general population for Nicholas Cage and supporting cast individuals. As I would see it, Nicholas Cage is a standout amongst the most skilled on-screen characters to hit the extra large screen so clearly, to visit a place where he has taped, is energizing in itself.


In the spin-off film, Nicholas Cage’s character tries to reclaim his spirit by sparing a kid from turning into the villain re-incarnated. Subsequent to finishing a long adventure, he leaves the kid with an antiquated Christian faction comprising of inked friars who live in hollows.


The organization later chooses to relinquish the kid and the story goes on however as I remained in one of the holy places, I gazed toward the roof where an opening had been cut like a channel. The mid-evening sun was beginning to radiate through. Nobody else was there separated from me and my guide.


Gradually in my brain, I began going through scenes from Ghost Rider 2 and after that the recognition hit. Like I had seen this old give in the chapel before really going by it. I could picture the old faction individuals as though they were before me.


Had I remained in an indistinguishable spot from Nicholas Cage?


Who knows and honestly I don’t think anyone wants to think about it. My guide absolutely didn’t and appeared to be very confounded by my energy.


It doesn’t make a difference however on the grounds that that was my minute. No one else’s. Simply mine


In the event that you are a devotee of Nicholas Cage or potentially Cappadocia, this playlist on Youtube includes every one of the scenes shot in Zelve Valley, except for the scene where they drink wine which was taped in Bucharest. (In Turkish)