5 Years Later: The Goreme Open Air Museum

I initially went to the Goreme Open Air Museum of Cappadocia in 2010 and my review was neither kind nor brimming with acclaim. I blamed the manual for mistaken data and my correct words to depict the authentic UNESCO World Heritage site were…


“Goreme Open Air Museum is 13 buckle houses of worship that all appear to be identical. Toss in the Cappadocia visit directly that shouts at you, the overrated extra charge, the terrible espresso, the mile-long latrine line, seven mentors of egotistical vacationers and it will positively be a day that you will recollect for whatever remains of your life.”


While composing that article, I questioned whether I’d just picked an awful day to visit since it appeared to be one thing after the other turned out badly. Hence, it was always at the forefront of my thoughts that maybe I ought to give it another possibility and in June of this current year, I did.


Landing at the Goreme Open Air Museum


I couldn’t trust it on the grounds that when we strolled through the entryways, misfortune by and by slid on me. It began raining vigorously, however, I didn’t have an umbrella. At that point, the memory card on my camera came up short on space since I had officially burned through four days investigating different regions of Cappadocia yet I would not like to erase any of those photographs. Now, I was decidedly certain that I should be Satan resurrected.


Keep in mind, Goreme Open Air exhibition hall contains a portion of the soonest places of worship ever. This region was one of the first to grasp Christianity and the Cappadocia fathers can take a colossal measure of credit for getting the message out all through whatever remains of the world. In any case, it appeared that every time, I endeavored to visit this blessed place, awful things began transpiring. Excuse me for feeling abused!


That is the point at which my visit manage acted the hero. He loaned me his umbrella and kept running back to the gift shop to get me another SD card. Some would state he was an eager guide simple too if you don’t mind while others would state the expression all over and foulness leaving my mouth proposed I was going to have an insane fit out in the open.