Chez Galip Hair Museum of Avanos


For a long time, I have perused about the Hair Museum of Avanos. To me the thought is to a great degree stunning and I contrasted it with a mass executioner gathering individual things from each of his female casualties however evidently the historical center was begun by an affection wiped out nearby and ceramics race called Chez Galip, who was sorrowful when the lady he adored left town, so he took a bolt of her hair. (No thought if this is valid)


Still, I needed to see it and entering a nearby stoneware shop, we were coordinated along some to a great degree contract ventures into a storm cellar range. From that point, the roof and dividers of the long room are secured with bits of hair. My estimation is that there are 30,000, if not more, bits of hair in that room!


Every bit of hair has paper joined to it, with the name of the proprietor, the place where they grew up and date of visit. On a few pieces, there is likewise a little visa picture. I saw the light, brunette, and even green hair.


It is an awesome trick to get individuals into the shop, regardless of the possibility that the first thought for beginning it was the torment and despair of affection. Be that as it may, I can’t get the picture out of my head contrasting it with a scene from Silence of the Lambs!


For photographs, take a gander at the site for the Hair Museum and furthermore the ceramics work of Chez Galip. The bloke is a genuine ace at work in spite of his fixation for hair!


So at any rate, go to Avanos for the day. Investigate the town, partake in a ceramics exhibition, visit the bizarre and foolish hair gallery, take a gondola ride on the Red River and after that leave town. There are greater and better things to be found in Cappadocia.