Soganli Valley: An Abandoned Village with Old Churches

I was not expecting much from Soganli Valley in the Cappadocia locale of Turkey. In manuals, any semblance of Ihlara or Pigeon Valley dominates its nearness. However, I was enjoyably astounded. Sitting out of the way, the pigeon houses cut into the stone pixie fireplaces, and old surrender holy places advanced a strange appearance yet I was for the most part in wonder at the old deserted town.


My visit was a piece of a visit and after we cleared out, I can state, except for Ihlara, I observed Soganli be one of the all the more fascinating valleys of Cappadocia. Not exclusively does it have verifiable esteem, and lovely scenes, however, the story it told will be immovably engraved at the forefront of my thoughts for quite a while to come.


Investigating Soganli Valley


The whole length of Soganli Valley is 16 miles, yet my guided walk began toward the evening, and I evaluated we strolled for 60 minutes and no more.


Taking after a set strolling way running on an upper level of the valley, I was the observer to some amazing scene sees yet the principle reason we took this course was for simple access to the verifiable houses of worship. The vast majority of them date from the ninth to thirteenth hundreds of years, in spite of the fact that settlement by humanity entirely occurred amid the Roman time.


Soganli Valley’s Historical Churches


The principal church on our excursion was the Yilanli Kilise, also called the Church of the Serpent. Sadly, in the same way as other places of worship in Cappadocia, the complex frescoes inside were harmed, either from spray painting or amid the Ottoman Empire when the zone had generally changed over to Islam.


Perhaps now and again, it was done out of perniciousness and this can be accepted from where appearances were scratched out yet on most events, local people just had no clue about how the frescoes would be generally imperative to future eras, and they rather utilized them as pigeon sheds or capacity ranges for their domesticated animals and create cultivated from the land.


Regardless of its little size, the Yilanli church was noteworthy however without a doubt, my most loved were the Kubbeli Kilise. Local people didn’t stop at cutting out the inside of the stone to frame a congregation, however, they additionally cut the outside to make it look amazingly like the Armenian holy places that I had found in the east of Turkey.


The way then drove us to the old surrendered town yet should you choose to climb the whole length of Soganli Valley, different celebrated chapels incorporate Cannavaro (creature and named after the mythical beast that was executed by Saint George, the Barbara Church and the congregation of Karabas, that is very much regarded for its frescoes depicting the introduction of Christ, his torturous killing and the scene where he imparts bread and wine to his witnesses.