The Intricate Frescoes


Clearly, in a cloister, holy places assume an expensive part in everyday life and back then, many individuals couldn’t read. This was an issue since religious pioneers needed individuals to learn Christianity by perusing, however they effortlessly explained this by painting frescoes on the roofs and dividers that delineate scenes from the Bible.


Regardless of the frescoes of Keslik Monastery enduring wear and tear throughout the years, they are amazingly unmistakable, because of serious and diligent work by excavators. This applies particularly inside Aziz Stephanos church, which in spite of the fact that the frescoes don’t portray scenes from the Bible, they speak to the regular daily existence of cultivating and agribusiness which has existed in the Cappadocia locale for quite a long time.


Yücel the guide, likewise said that on events, painters of the frescoes would add their own take to stress the scene being played out. For instance, in one fresco, each character had a radiance separated from Judas, consequently implementing the story that he was a double-crosser.


Presently as much as I might want to claim master photography and present you with a superb gathering of photographs demonstrating those frescoes, it turned out my indoor photography abilities are not as cutting edge as I thought they were.So, the following best thing is to ad lib.


While I was there, I did the regularly traveler thing of purchasing postcards. Cheap I know yet it ended up being an insightful move since I have examined them and the photos indicate flawlessly the grand frescoes of Keslik Monastery.


1: The Entombment of Isa (The internment of Jesus after his crucifixion)


2: Two Apostles


3: Presentation into the Temple


4: The Two Angels