Pasabagi is placed between the Goreme and Avanos road. This breath-taking depression is known for its having fantastic landscape and also the best numerous assortment of fairy chimneys in Cappadocia. With this side, it reminds of the people’s mind that the fascinating place seems like the depository of fairy chimneys. additionally, its extraordinary scene creates a metaphysical world by restful the spirit of tourists.


At the start, Pasabagi depression was named as ”Monks Valley”. This name comes back from a mystic story a couple of monks; consistent with rumors, in the fourth century, there was a monk named St. patriarch who was accepted by locals together with his performing several miracles. Every day, the many folks visited him to check his magics that this case eventually disturbed the monk. Therefore, he on the loose to today’s Pasabagi depression so as to retire and live a spiritual life vogue as a hermit within the cell situated on this wonderful depression. he began to live at the highest of a 2m high column and later touched to 1 fifteen m tall. From there he solely went down typically to induce food and drink brought by his apostles.

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Afterward, those peasants designed St. Siemon Chapel by carving in fairy chimney with 3 heads for the sake of him to mirror their respect. in addition, they established different chapels, churches furnished antithetic crosses and sitting areas among those distinctive fairy chimneys on this dreamy depression. These structures consist of associate kitchen appliance, living and sleeping places and tiny fascinating windows to let the daylight in.

In the time of Turkish War of Independence, the marvelous depression, natural surprise enclosed vinery happiness to a pacha (meaning a rank in Turkish). therefore its name is derived from that general. thus it’s additionally popularly called Pasabagi depression nowadays.

At present, providing a peace, quietness, comfort and amusement, the depression grabs the guests it’s natural beauty that causes the folks to start the associate inner journey.