Pigeon Valley in Cappadocia – Losing My Way Again!

Pigeon Valley in Cappadocia – Losing My Way Again!

I at times think about whether I ought to be banned from flying out because of my absence of route abilities. My powerlessness to peruse maps does not help either and getting lost is not strange for me. Some of the time it attempts further bolstering my good fortune and I find little pearls not recorded in any manuals. On different events, I begin to frenzy and think about whether this will be the day that I vanish from the substance of the earth for eternity. Pigeon Valley in Cappadocia, Turkey was no exemption yet, by and large, it was an absence of arranging that prompted to one of the most exceedingly terrible climbs I have done in the zone.

Called Güvercinlik Caddesi, it is a long trail promising sights of artificial hollows. The additional fascination was the old pigeon inlets beforehand utilized by ranchers in the district, who gathered droppings to use as compost.

Loaded with certainty since it was my second visit, I set out from Uchisar with no water and no guide. On occasion, the way turned out to be difficult to take after and I wound up at deadlocks or strolling around in circles. I was hot and tired. I never observed any other individual strolling the trail. Consequently, freeze set in. I had two options. To proceed and trust that I, in the end, achieved the end. Then again, I knew the primary Goreme/Uchisar street was close and I needed to attempt and discover my way back to it. I selected the second decision and my climb was over.

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Presently with insight into the past, I would have perused this post by another blogger first. It discloses what to do, where to go and the attractions. At that point, I would have utilized a neighborhood climbing rep to guide me through the trail.

So Pigeon valley is still on my container list. Next time anyway, I won’t get lost!

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