Secrets of Yüksek Monastery & Church – Chapter 2

Inside Yüksek Monastery


To one side of the congregation was another little complex that was the ministers lodging quarters. Instead of call the resting quarters, rooms, I allude to them as cells since they were only four stark and dismal dividers. Toward the end close to the window was a raised stone stage and clearly the friars would have had their own handcrafted pads and covers, however, it just took after within a jail cell.


Attempting to envision anybody living in that bleak working amidst no place made me feel awkward. I trusted they truly had an authentic faith in a higher power on the grounds that if that had been my life, I would have been as hopeless as damnation.


The uneasy feeling proceeded. I felt like an outsider without a welcome in another person’s home. So I rapidly advanced down the thin passage to the exit and moved over the mass of the compound to attempt and stroll as far around it as would be prudent.


That is the point at which I lost enthusiasm for the cloister and church since directly before I was a stunningly wonderful perspective of Mount Hassan fronted by level scenes of greenery. Perhaps that is the reason the ministers favored this goal. Perhaps the lofty perspective of the mountain conveyed them nearer to their god. For me, however, it was just about magnificence. Common, staggering magnificence and that’s it. As a rule, I attempt to maintain a strategic distance from platitudes, however, my lone words were stunning, over and over.


I cleared out not long after that and keeping in mind that I would backpedal to see the perspective of Mount Hassan, I would prefer not to see that grim and discouraging religious community complex once more. However ought to any Hollywood motion picture executive scan for a post-end of the world motion picture setting, the Yüksek Church and Monastery of Güzelyurt would be great. Despite the fact that end of the world, for the most part, alludes to the apocalypse, its strict and religious importance is divulging or uncovering of mysteries, and that cloister, I am certain has numerous privileged insights that should be told.

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