Three Graces: Cappadocia

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Three Graces square measure the sensible 3 fairy chimneys situated on Urgüp, district of Nevsehir. it’s the foremost illustrious natural beauty and image of Urgüp. This superb natural formation is acknowledged not solely its entrancing landscape however conjointly its unimaginable story. Therefore, these days several traveler coming back from completely different countries visit here.


When the tourists visit Urgüp, those distinctive fairy chimneys named 3 Beauties grabs and fascinates them. Thus, they wander its mystic history. in step with a legend, once upon a time, in Kingdom amount, there was a king and his female offspring, blue blood living peacefully along here. once he lost his mate, the king began to be alcohol-dependent his solely female offspring. conjointly he disquieted concerning her owing to terrible fact|the actual fact} that she was very stunning and charming.

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Therefore, all men in country wished to be married her. however blue blood fell crazy with a shepherd. The king disapproved that wedding as a result of that he set his darling blue blood to be married to licensed man. However, she on the loose from the palace and got in secret married with this shepherd.

After years, she offers birth a baby. Then she thought that perhaps his father forgives them because of their kid and go off to the palace. The king failed to mercy though they’d a toddler. He ordered these troopers to kill this family. once the blue blood runs away those troopers of the king, she prayed to the God: “please, my God, build North American nation either a stone or a bird.” The God accepted their prayer and that they like a shot convert into a stone (today’s fairy chimney known as 3 Graces). So, these 3 fairy chimneys (Üç Güzeller) symbolizes because of the blue blood, her husband, and her kid.

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