Uchisar: The Supreme Peak of Cappadocia – Chapter 2

Leaving the Peri Cave Café and walking around the street, I saw a sign that said “My Old House. The passageway is free.” A man remained on the rooftop appreciating the view and another man who was the proprietor welcomed me to sit on the lounge couch under the garden tree. Overlooking the incalculable voyagers that strolled along, pointed at me and roared with laughter, I took up the offer from the old man to see inside his give in-house.


While I was contemplating whether give in houses could legitimately have title deeds, the man said he had sold the one-room surrender house for a huge 160,000 Turkish Lira, clearly another shrewd venture I have passed up a great opportunity for. I don’t think the house is still open to the general population now.


Coming back to Uchisar


I cleared out Uchisar soon thereafter with some brilliant occasion pictures and an enduring impression of the town that time overlooked and after that returned 3 years after the fact to remain in the extravagance Taskonaklar Hotel. That visit was in November and Uchisar resembled an apparition town. I ought to have seen it in the pinnacle summer season yet this time to get to the palace was simple and manuals are appropriate in that the view is stunning.


Walking around the roads drove me to a little craftsman shop where the proprietor who had some expertise in Ebru painting, said she would give me a lesson for 100 lire. As much as I needed to attempt it, I felt she was intentionally expanding the cost since I was remote.


Despite the fact that I’ve come back to Cappadocia from that point forward, I haven’t gone to Uchisar once more. I recollect the stronghold, lavish inns, working stallions and a malodorous old camel called Suleyman that appeared to take a moment abhorrence to me yet I’ve one memory that emerges over all the rest.


On a crisp morning, upcoming, I saw the lofty Mount Erciyes out yonder. I’ve seen it before when I went to Kayseri however on this event, it wowed me considerably more than some time recently. On my mail list now, is to visit Mount Erciyes in the winter. They have stunning winter wears so I’ve listened.

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