Cavusin old Greek village and the Church of Saint John – Chapter 2

It is by all accounts limited to a tip top circle on the grounds that revamped surrender houses are a peculiar pattern and some of them bring a high cost, in spite of the way that our soonest precursors used to live in them. Go figure!


When we inevitably achieved the top, the way got to be smaller yet I quit strolling on the grounds that the comprehensive view got my attention. It investigated the old town and further out there was Rose and Red valleys, that are both famous with explorers.


The houses appeared to be scaled down and the general population like little dolls. Possibly I was simply in a decent state of mind that day, however despite everything I recollect that it as one of the best perspectives in the Cappadocia district.


The Cavusin Church of Saint John the Baptist


Taking after the way, it got to be smaller and crossing a to a great degree temperamental and unstable wooden extension, we landed at the inside of the fifth Century church.


The frescoes delineating scenes from the Bible were not really recognizable and in a few regions, the roof was immaculate dark. After the Christians left, it was utilized as a pigeon shed yet notwithstanding this, I certainly felt a sacred climate and I am not a religious individual.


Perhaps it was a result of its expansive size contrasted with other giving in houses of worship of Cappadocia. It used to be one room, yet in the tenth century, the supporting segments were fortified by building them into dividers, in this manner now making three areas.


Potentially, the blessed nearness was a result of its unsafe place at the highest point of a slope, achieved just by an insecure footbridge. It makes the congregation, the ideal setting for a whole-world destroying film yet, at any rate, this is not the finish of the biography of Cavusin.


Will it resuscitate itself to wind up distinctly a tourism center point?


Will the revamped give in houses offer for a considerable measure of cash, along these lines re-populating the region with opulent highbrow snots?


Will somebody, in the long run, settle that doltish footbridge driving into the old church, before some individual breaks their neck?


I trust so. The Cavusin old Greek town is beguiling and I now have a specific affection for it. It will enthusiasm to check whether it can experience its potential.

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