Cavusin old Greek village and the Church of Saint John

Cavusin old Greek village and the Church of Saint John

Cavusin old Greek town in the Cappadocia area of Turkey is once in a while included in travel articles. On the off chance that it appears, it earns two or three sentences before the creator discusses other all the more outstanding spots, for example, Goreme, the vehicle and convenience center point. Thus, despite the fact that, I had been to Cappadocia twice some time recently, I had never tried to go there.


It is isolated into 2 sections; the new town and the old greek town and on my third visit to Cappadocia, my visit control suggested we change the agenda for 60 minutes to visit the fifth-century church of Saint John the Baptist, arranged in the old town part.


Landing in Cavusin Old Greek Village


Since the guide lived in Cappadocia, I took after his master counsel and we pulled up before the huge shake confront that constrained Muslim local people to be removed from their homes in the 1960s, in the wake of falling rocks turned into a well being the risk. The Christians had officially left in the 1920s after the Treaty of Lausanne was agreed upon.


A little winding way drove its way to the highest point of the slope, where the congregation was. As we strolled, we passed a little and a mosque incorporated with the slope so it is conceivable to remain on the rooftop.


With intrigue, I viewed a young lady do this, posturing beside the minaret, conceivably for an Instagram photograph. By one means or another t, is appeared to be somewhat ill bred to me yet nobody else was disturbed.


Taking after the winding and soak way, we passed many houses that were being revamped with an insight of Greek engineering. Others give in houses showed an “Available to be purchased” sign. Clearly, the administration has done work to stop the dangers of falling stones, and a ton of the old forsook houses are currently available to be purchased.


This isn’t an unexpected in light of the fact that the Turkish property showcase has blasted since the turn of the century. For some odd reason however, I never observe Cappadocia property promoted available to be purchased on the Internet.

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